Creating an Online Marketplace for Tutors and Students


Creating an Online Marketplace for Tutors and Students

“Tutoring is actually relatively small in this country compared to how big it is internationally. A big component of what we’re doing is actually expanding the market on the supply side and the demand side to a certain extent.”

Professional Expert Tutors, both retired and active, are obvious sources for tutoring. But Leadtutorian.com finds other people—engineers, lawyers and software engineers–who have a certain expertise but never thought of tutoring.

One of the concepts that we had at the very beginning was that there’s a lot of latent knowledge out there in people’s heads and there’s a whole other group of people that would love to learn from those people.

Matching tutors and students is done on the Leadtutorian.com website. Leadtutorian.com vets the tutors, checks their backgrounds and makes sure they are proficient in the subject matter. In return, Leadtutorian.com takes care of a tutor’s marketing, payment processing and scheduling.


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